The Open Community Resources area provides access to our extensive Interactive Learning Centre, which hosts a range of online training resources designed to support sponsorship groups at each stage of their development. You will also be able to access all of the community sponsorship application and guidance documents, as well as access to our multilingual mobile app.

Interactive Learning Centre

Access a range of training resources that are designed to complement the in-person training delivered by RSOs. Q&A sessions and peer discussion boards are also available so that groups from across Ireland can share their experiences and knowledge.

SWIFT Integration App

The multilingual mobile app provides clear and concise information and supports that aim to enhance integration outcomes. The app provides information on a range of areas such as social welfare, healthcare, education, and employment.

Application Documents

You and your group will need to complete an initial Application Form as well as a detailed Settlement Plan which asks you to detail how your group will provide all the necessary supports to a family arriving to Ireland.

Guidance Documents

These documents provide detailed advice on what your group should include in your Application Form and Settlement Plan. They also provide additional information on the programme as a whole.