Sponsorship Supports

On this page is the list of all the resources available to community sponsorship groups throughout the sponsorship journey. These are all included in our support bank below which can also be accessed through the button at the top of the website.

Sponsorship Support Bank

Wherever a community sponsorship group is on the community sponsorship journey, there is a whole range supports, resources and guidance available. Our Sponsorship Support Bank gathers all of these supports and provides them in one place. To access the Sponsorship Support Bank please follow the link below or click on the button at the top of The Open Community website.

Regional Support Organisations

To ensure sponsors are well prepared to take on the responsibilities of their engagement, each Community Sponsorship Group can align themselves with a Regional Support Organisation (RSO). RSOs provide training and support to community sponsorship groups during the application process and are available to help and support groups throughout the sponsorship period.

Accommodation Guide for Groups

The Community Sponsorship Groups Accommodation Guide provides step by step guidance to groups at each stage of the accommodation journey and highlights how to avail of expert guidance and access key services. The guide was developed by The Open Community together with community sponsorship groups, and in partnership with A&L Goodbody, Nasc, Peter McVerry Trust, The Housing Agency and Threshold.

Interactive Learning Centre

Our Interactive Learning Centre provides access to the formal Community Sponsorship Training Programme available to all community sponsorship groups in Ireland. The training programme was developed in close collaboration with the Regional Support Organisations, expert training consultancy partners, and programme beneficiaries.

SWIFT Integration App

The multilingual mobile app provides clear and concise information and supports that aim to enhance integration outcomes. The app provides information on a range of areas such as social welfare, healthcare, education, and employment.

Application Documents

You and your group will need to complete an initial Application Form as well as a detailed Settlement Plan which asks you to detail how your group will provide all the necessary supports to a family arriving to Ireland.

Guidance Documents

These documents provide detailed advice on what your group should include in your Application Form and Settlement Plan. They also provide additional information on the programme as a whole.

Insurance Policy

The Community Sponsorship Insurance Policy is provided by The Open Community in partnership with IPB Insurance and offers public liability cover at no cost to all Community Sponsorship Group in Ireland as they conduct their fundraising activities.

To have your community sponsorship group added to the policy for free please contact: info@theopencommunity.ie 

Full policy terms and details are available via the links below.

National Peer Support Network

Join the National Peer Support Network today and get access to a wide range of exciting and engaging sponsorship supports and events.

The Open Community CLG is the national support organisation for Ireland’s Community Sponsorship Programme for Refugees. Registered Company No. 739429

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