Supports for Hosts and Host Communities

Communities across Ireland have responded in extraordinary ways to the situations in Afghanistan and Ukraine to welcome refugees as they arrive and integrate into new lives in Ireland.
The training, resources and supports available on this page reflect the collective experience and expertise within Ireland’s Community Sponsorship programme and have been tailored from existing resources. They are designed to prepare hosts and host communities to welcome refugees to their homes and emphasise the importance of building a strong group of people to assist and support hosts.

Training for People Hosting and Supporting Refugees

The training module is available for free and is designed to help prepare hosts and host communities to welcome a refugee into their home and community. The training covers aspects such as establishing a community support group, welcoming someone into your home, and host wellbeing, as well as expectation setting, bias, power dynamics, and trauma.
The training materials are hosted on our Interactive Learning Centre and can be access via the link below.

Home Sharing Agreement

The Home Sharing Agreement supports hosts and guests to establish some simple guidelines for how to live comfortably together. As needs change the agreement can be reviewed together every few weeks or months to add any changes as necessary. The agreement is available in English and Ukrainian, has been developed in partnership with Helping Irish Hosts and is informed by host consultation and feedback.
The Agreement can be downloaded via the link below.

SWIFT Integration

Available in English, Arabic, Pashto, Dari and Ukrainian, the SWIFT Integration app is designed to make resettling in Ireland easy. The app provides clear and concise information on a range of areas of life in Ireland such as social welfare, healthcare, education, and employment.
Scan the QR code below to download for free now or search ‘Swift Integration’ in your App Store.
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Support Sessions for Hosts and Communities

Hosted by The Open Community in collaboration with RSOs, experienced hosts and sponsors and other invited experts, the online support sessions are an opportunity for hosts and host communities to share information and have key questions answered.

Register for the next session via the link below.

Seed Funding Support for Hosts

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In partnership with Change X, seed funding is available of €2500 per community support group. Groups will be required to sign up and complete 5 simple steps on the ChangeX platform in order to avail of the funding support. The steps include, finding community support group members, completing the Training for Hosts and People Supporting Refugees programme, downloading the Home Sharing Agreement and Swift Integration App, as well as registering for the online support sessions.
Please follow the link below for more information and to begin the 5 steps.

Helping Irish Hosts

Network for People Hosting Displaced Ukrainian Families or Individuals

Helping Irish Hosts is a volunteer organisation that has matched almost 800 Ukrainians with over 260 Irish host households since March 2022 and advocates widely for host support and recognition.

You can register with Helping Irish Hosts to connect with other people hosting Ukrainian families and individuals, and share experiences, tips and mutual support, as well as benefit from advocacy to ensure everyone receives the same level of support and entitlements.

Follow the links below to join the HIH Network and to register as a host.

Helping Irish Hosts Logo

The Open Community CLG is the national support organisation for Ireland’s Community Sponsorship Programme for Refugees. Registered Company No. 739429

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