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Community sponsorship is a sustainable and inspiring way for ordinary people from across Ireland to welcome refugees and support them to settle into their new communities in safety.

Slide - Janet
“I did not hesitate to get involved and for me it was about shared humanity.”
Janet standing by the trees | The Open Community - Community Sponsorship
Slide - Paul
“If you could do one thing in your life, something practical, human to human, for one family, community sponsorship is it.”
Paul leaning against wall | The Open Community - Community Sponsorship
Slide - Lynne
“They are here on trust. They are hoping that they will finally be safe.”
Lynne' Story - The Open Community
Slide - Anna
“You can look and say how awful the situation is, or you can be a doer. The reward of welcoming a family is magical.”
Anna in the park, Dublin | The Open Community - Community Sponsorship
Slide - Shahera
“No one wants to be forced to leave their country. It’s destroyed now, they’ve destroyed everything.”
Shahera in the park, Dublin | The Open Community - Community Sponsorship
Slide - Alrahal Family
“I wanted to show the effect of war on Syrians and on our cities through the photos, and how much our family went through to get here.”
Alrahal Family Photo in Garden - The Open Community
The Open Community is the national support organisation for Ireland’s Community Sponsorship Programme for Refugees. We are a partnership of Doras, the Irish Red Cross, the Irish Refugee Council, Nasc, UNHCR, and Amnesty International Ireland. We are currently being incubated as a project within Amnesty International Ireland, but will be incorporated as an independent entity by the end of 2023.
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