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The Interactive Learning Centre provides access to the formal Community Sponsorship Training Programme available to all community sponsorship groups as they prepare to welcome a refugee family to Ireland.

The Community Sponsorship Training Programme has been developed in close collaboration with the programme’s Regional Support Organisations (RSOs), expert training consultancy partners, and programme beneficiaries. The training represents the standardised curriculum of training for Ireland’s community sponsorship programme that all community sponsorship groups (CSGs) must complete prior to being approved to welcome a refugee family to their local community.
The course has four modules which are listed below, where you can also download an overview of the course.  To start the course, click ‘login/register’ and you will be taken to the learning platform login area. Once there, if it’s your first time to login, click ‘sign up’, below the ‘username or email’ and ‘password’ fields, to create an account.

Module 1: Introducing Community Sponsorship

Module 2: Building a Strong Group

Module 3: Early Planning for Resettlement

Module 4: Successful Settlement

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The training materials are hosted on our interactive learning centre and provides an essential and comprehensive package of guidance to groups as they prepare to welcome a refugee family to their community. The training programme covers a variety of practical considerations that CSGs must navigate but also cover aspects such as inter-group communication, bias, power dynamics, and trauma.

Learning Platform - Community Sponsorship Programme

The Open Community CLG is the national support organisation for Ireland’s Community Sponsorship Programme for Refugees. Registered Company No. 739429

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