Community Sponsorship

Community Sponsorship is a practical and powerful way for communities in Ireland to respond to the global refugee crisis. Community sponsorship mobilises the energy, compassion and expertise which already exists in local communities across Ireland, enabling them to support and empower refugees as they rebuild their lives in safety.

Under community sponsorship, individuals and communities come together and take the lead in resettling refugees in their local areas. They form Community Sponsorship Groups who then support a refugee family or individual with all the things that enable them to settle into their new community. For refugees arriving in Ireland, sponsorship provides a ready-made network of support that helps them to get settled in quicker and build fulfilling and meaningful lives for themselves. At the local level, time and time again, we see communities strengthened and transformed through this life-changing experience.
Watch our short community sponsorship explainer video below to find out more about the steps on the sponsorship journey:
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There are three stages on the Community Sponsorship Journey and at each stage there is a wealth of support and resources to help you succeed:

1. Getting Started

Find like-minded people and form a sponsorship group

2. Planning for arrival

Work together to prepare to welcome a refugee family.

3. Welcoming

Welcome and support a refugee family to your community
Are you interested in getting involved? Find out how to take part by clicking the link:
Have you already started your community sponsorship journey?

To find out more about the range of supports, resources and guidance available to you please follow the link below:

The video below tells the story of the first family to be welcomed to Ireland by a community sponsorship group:
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You can explore more inspiring stories of welcome by following the link:

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